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Minimum Training Requirements
As an affiliated Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit, all MNVMRC members are required to review the MRC Orientation course found here

For the purpose of maintaining a unit that is deployment ready and as a requirement to respond officially as an identified MNVMRC member, the following minimum online Incident Command System (ICS) courses must be completed by every member.  The Incident Command System is the standard by which emergency response organizations conduct their response activities and is the core of an effective, coordinated response effort.  Furthermore, the MNVMRC is aligning with proposed FEMA resource-typing standards which allows for a more efficient integration into a response.

The completion of all four courses listed will meet the minimum training standards to deploy as a recognized FEMA Veterinary Medical Team:

ICS 100

ICS 200
ICS 700 
ICS 800


The MNVMRC plays a critical role in Minnesota’s Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) program by providing operational support for the state’s radiological reception center companion animal decontamination stations.  Participation in any REP training exercise, as well as actual response in any capacity, requires OSHA-mandated completion of the REP program Right-to-Know training.  This training is provided through the State of Minnesota and available as a hands-on course offered at various times throughout the year or also offered online.  The modules can be found here:

There are no longer completion certificates given at the end of each online module.  


Specialized Response Training Requirements

The MNVMRC is also aligning with the FEMA standards for an all-hazards Companion Animal Decontamination Team.  In addition to the minimum training requirements listed for all members, the standards for participation on this team will include completion of the following three online courses:

  • IS 3

  • IS 5a  (certification in either Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standards  

     (HAZWOPER) or Hazardous Materials Operations will serve as an acceptable substitution for IS 5a.)

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